And Some Love Notes...


"[I'm] totally obsessed with our pictures that capture a day in our life perfectly... They couldn't be more perfect! I am AMAZED at [Tova's] work, and so is everyone that I've shared our pictures with. We will look back fondly at these forever. She's so lovely and warm too, a pleasure to work with. Tova takes her time to get to know you and your family before the shoot, and then takes her time on the day to make sure she gets everything she needs on camera. You won't regret booking Tova, both for the experience or for the end product. Wonderful!"

-Anna P.

"A year and a half later, and I am still totally in awe of the results of our documentary style family photo shoot with Tova. If you're looking for something that truly reflects your family without the glossiness, but with all the realness- the joy, the chaos, and the absurdity of your day, you won't be disappointed. I cannot express how much I adore our album, and how much we enjoyed working with Tova. She's truly a one of a kind photographer, and I don't say that lightly. Definitely check her out!" 

-Onima B.


"I think I want her to stay... I REALLY think I want her to stay!"

-Skyler S. (age 2)


"I'm just mad about your work, and walked out of [my ordering appointment] with a different album than I'd first wanted— and I'm beyond delighted. I'm nursing the baby right now hands-free, using the time-honored, saggy-boob-drape technique, and ignoring the other two, who are trying to kill each other, while looking at your photos again. I had such a wonderful experience working with you. You're damn good at this."

-Caroline D.


"It’s hard to put into words how special these photos are to us. You captured Nathan just how he is and brought out the beauty in our messy morning routine. I don’t even think [he'll] be embarrassed when I show our album to every date he brings home someday.... Thank you so much for everything, Tova. It was a wonderful experience!"

-Hayley & Jeff S.


"Thank you so much! It was great having you over to photograph our family... I was totally nervous about the day being perfect (in case you couldn't tell!) but you really made things so comfortable and natural for us, that we were able to just go on being ourselves. Having that imperfection captured for us is priceless."

- Jillian M.


"In looking through my cell phone images (which were my only source of pictures until recently) I have random hurried shots of the girls, but never any with the two of us. It's also tough for me to capture what I think is the girls' true essence R. always gets a little awkward in front of the camera and M. starts acting goofy. I'm so grateful to just have moments captured where they aren't even aware of it, and are just being their beautiful selves."

-Loveena R.