Day in the Life


Just think for a moment

What will you want to remember when you look back at your family photos 20 years from now?

Over the past four years, mornings spent cuddling with my baby in bed have given way to wrangling with my son every day to brush out his bed head, and rush out to pre-school. Taxi travel can suddenly be done without lugging the car seat around the city. Baby shampoo has been moved aside, and we're starting to do more showers than baths around here.

Time just has a way like that.

What I've come to realize, is that what I REALLY want to remember when I look back at photos is not just how we looked when we were taking pictures— but how we lived.

Day in the Life sessions are a cure for bad memory. They're for families who enjoy being around each other, and for parents who like giving their kids the freedom to explore. They're for parents with toddlers, and for parents with teenagers. They're for parents who appreciate their life now, and for parents who have a hard time just slugging through each day. At the end of the day, Day in the Life sessions are for families who'll appreciate looking back and will enjoy the memories of how life actually happened— without any photographer guiding them through how family should look like, 'for the picture.'

The process is simple: I’ll sit down with you to get to know you and your family beforehand so we can discuss what you most want to remember from this point in your life. Then, I'll come photograph you on a perfectly ordinary day. When I photograph your family, you won't need to put on any show, dress your kids in anything special, or make sure everyone behaves—  I’ll just come along with you to capture whatever you do in the day, and all the wonderful moments that would normally go unphotographed.  

Every photography package includes either morning, evening, or full day of photography and a professionally designed and printed luxury photo album full of your memories. 

I'd love to be able to capture and preserve the memories you share on the daily with your family. Looking forward to getting to know you!